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HKFEC 3rd networking

“Hong Kong is facing a big challenge in developing E-commerce as the city is too small and shopping is so convenience! By enabling a location base service nearby physical stores, consumers’ smartphone can instantly pushed for any e-promotion, e-shop, online CRM…etc of that particular location, that make O2O convenience to all people.”

Christopher Lau
Director of Future Services

“Hong Kong has a well developed financial and legal system, it makes perfect sense for local and oversea online traders to consider Hong Kong’s online payment solution as an aggregation to western and Mainland China’s popular payment method.”

Sam Lam
mPay Limited

“Main attraction for people go online is either they cannot easily find nearby or a big price different. That makes China and Hong Kong different in nature for the development of Hong Kong E-Commerce. It all comes back to the core value of Hong Kong as to build up a trusted brand or a strong sales channels.”

Ryan Tse
Genning Partners Co. Ltd.
(wholly owned by Vita Green Health Products Co. Ltd.)
Managing Director

“It is no doubt for the next generation spend their eyeball mainly online and outdoor, that will give a big paradigm shift of existing advertising planning for all consumer product. Unlike physical shop, online business can be counted statistically for every purchase, therefore the role of advertising and promotion will move more closer to sales figures’ driven.”

K K Tsang
The Bees Group

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