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Launch of the Trade and Industrial Organisation Support Fund (TSF) and Enhancements to the EMF Fund

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Launch of the Trade and IndustrialOrganisation Support Fund (TSF) and Further Enhancements to the SME ExportMarketing Fund (EMF)

The SME Development Fund (SDF) and the Organisation Support Programme under the Dedicated Fund on Branding, Upgradingand Domestic Sales (BUD(OSP)) will be merged to form the Trade and Industrial Organisation Support Fund (TSF) on 1 October 2018 to simplify application procedures and enhance operation efficiency.

The TSF will provide financial support to non-profit-distributing organisations for implementing projects for enhancingthe competitiveness of Hong Kong enterprises in general or in specific sectors, including assisting them in developing any markets. Some administrative requirements will also be relaxed to facilitate project implementation. Other operational details, including the funding ceiling, project period, vetting mechanism, etc. will remain unchanged under the TSF.

In addition, to step up support for SMEs inexploring new markets and new business opportunities, further enhancements to the operation of the SME Export Marketing Fund(EMF), including adding eligible expenditure items to specific funding scope will take effect from 1 October 2018. Please visit the EMF webpage for the updated Guide to Application .

For TSF details, please refer to the TSF website. For enquiries, please contact TID at 2398 5128 or

For EMF enquiries, please contact TID at 2398 5127 or