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Event Highlight ~ China and Hong Kong Study Trip

Source:HKFEC Marketing

Past event Highlight 2018

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China and Hong Kong Study Trip

Date: 9 - 10th September, 2018

HKFEC and one if its alliance, Ecommerce Foundation, and Ecommerce Europe has co-organized the China and Hong Study Trip, arranging European members, including Achmea, Ekoplaza, CM Telecom, Xebia, EssenzaHome, ISM eCompany, Agrad and so on, to visit China and Hong Kong, helping them to explore opportunities in the Asian market, and experience operations incorporated with the latest technology in most Chinese enterprises. The study trip has attracted approximately 50 C-Level participants.

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Mr. Joseph Yuen, Chairman of HKFEC, shared about E-commerce in Asia with participants

During the study trip, it is HKFEC’s honor to invite AlipayHK to guide our participants visiting the very first unmanned store in Hong Kong, and let us learn more about the latest technology in improving customer experience through our real experience. Moreover, our chairman, Mr. Joseph Yuen also shared market information of e-commerce in Asia, and deeply discussed further with our guests.


HKFEC and AlipayHK welcomed the guests atAlipayHK Next Store

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AlipayHK staff introduced new and unique functions of AlipayHK Next Store

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AlipayHK staff explained the technology behind the unmanned store and facilities help safeguard the products

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Mr. Joseph Yuen, Chairman of HKFEC, shared the latest trend and development of Hong Kong Retail and E-commerce industry


HKFEC hosted a welcome dinner for European guests, all participants were excited


Mr. Joseph Yuen, Chairman of HKFEC presented souvenir to Mr. Wijnand Jongen, Chairman of Executive Committee of Ecommerce Europe

In addition, HKFEC co-organized a workshop with Ecommerce Europe on 10 September at CORDIS Hotel. We were gad to invite Mr. Ben Chuk from, Ms. Kim Leitzes from Parklu, and Ms. Angelica Leung from InvestHK to talk more about and share successful stories, recent development of companies, development of relevant industry, and development of HK economy. Then, HKFEC arranged a company visit at HABBITZZ, a newly formed e-commerce platform by PCCW in Hong Kong, letting our participants to know more about the development of HK e-commerce.

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HKFEC and Ecommerce Europe co-organized aworkshop at CORDIS Hotel


Mr. Ben Chuk, Senior Business Development Manager of, shared tapping into China Mainland and Southeast Asia Market through E-commerce


Ms. Kim Leitzes, CEO and Co-founder of Parklu shared about utilizing KOL marketing strategy in China and Hong Kong

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Ms. Angelica Leung, Head of Consumer Products of InvestHK, shared the current business operation environment of HK and how the HK government encourages investment come in HK

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All the sharing from guest speakers were great and the participants were very into learning more about development of China and Hong Kong in different aspects

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HKFEC and PCCW arranged participants to visit HABBITZZ office


Mr. Alex Bono, CEO of HABBITZZ introduced e-commerce development of HK, and shared the strategies of HABBITZZ as an e-commerce platform.

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Mr. Peter Reumert, Head of Sales of HABITZZ introduced operation strategies of HABBITZZ

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Mr. Wijnand Jongen, Chairman of Executive Committee of Ecommerce Europe presented souvenir to Mr. Joseph Yuen, Chairman of HKFEC

HKFEC was glad to cooperate with Ecommerce Foundation and Ecommerce Europe on the China and Hong Kong Study Trip, and boosting cooperation among different parties. We hope to collaborate with our alliances again in the near future, and contribute in promoting development of economy and e-commerce industry of Hong Kong.