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The 6th China Digital Marketing Innovation Summit 2018

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The 6th China Digital Marketing Innovation Summit 2018

“China Ecommerce and Retail Innovation Summit 2018” which will be held in Shanghai on March 12-13,2018.

IHS Markit research report shows that last year global advertising revenue grew by 7.1%, amounting to $532 billion. Unlike the global market, online advertising revenue in China was 17% higher than television advertising revenue, and the difference was about $15 billion, which was the only country in the world where the share of online advertising was substantially larger than that oftelevision advertising. The leading role of Chinese advertising network was dueto the prosperous mobile Internet era. Internet advertising has become themainstream form of advertising.

CNNIC has just released data showing that the number of Chinese netizens has reached 731 million, equivalent to the total population of Europe. This means that,from a marketing point of view, digital marketing is still the undisputed firstchannel. At the same time, the increase in the number of audience also put forward higher requirements for the content and form innovation of digital marketing. In 2018, digital marketing will pay more attention to the integration of online and offline channels, the network and the real economy isnot completely out of touch. Out of this background, offline channels will playan decisive role in marketing effect.

The summit will focus on the changing tendency and innovative attempts in the field of digital marketing, in order to help marketing personnel understand the industry trend, inspire innovative thinking, respond to the future opportunities and challenges for digital marketing industry, and build a bridgefor better communication between the brand owners and consumers.

This forum will focus on the hot topics as below

Ø  Development Trend and Future of Digital Marketing

Ø  Digital marketing era, an integration of online and offline experience

Ø  Reshape the marketing innovationswith the philosophy of “consumers areGod”

Ø  Intelligent marketing driven by digital technology

Ø  Personalized communication under immersive experiences

Ø  Social marketing improves customer loyalty

Ø  How toimprove business from B2B2C to B2C for pharmaceutical companiesin digital era

Ø  How can hotels retain more reservation and conversionspecifically fromthe new-generation

Ø  guests?

Ø  Omni-channel marketing to createseamless integrated marketing experience

Ø  Marketing integration path of one hundred million-class traffic

Ø  Content marketing in the digital retail era

Ø  Mobile digital marketing for B2B scenarios  

Ø  The value of data is to serve customers

Ø  MarTech drives email marketing transformation

Ø  Optimize brand marketing activities withcontinuous data application

Ø  Omni-channel marketing of luxury goods in the Digital Era

      Ø  WeChat omni-channel marketing

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