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2nd AccEssMeeting China-Russia: “Annual Investment Road Show”

Source:HKFEC - Marketing

2nd AccEssMeeting China-Russia: “Annual Investment Road Show”

The AccEssMeeting China-Russia 2016 is the first and unique top-level bilateral business investment platform for high-level representatives (investment, finance, banking companies, international companies, trusts, family offices or PPP groups) from China & Russia.

The goal of AccEssMeeting China-Russia 2016 is to introduce up-to-date opportunities of governmental & privately owned investment and foreign trade companies, financial and banking institutions, development agencies and foreign trade organizations of China to Russian top foreign trade holdings, investment funds, state & commercial banks as well as business entities.

This Investment Road Show AccEssMeeting China-Russia 2016 will include the following essential elements:
1. Presentations of privately-owned and governmental investment organizations as well as financial and banking institutions of China (such as the Bank of China, China Investment Corporation, Indusrtrial & Commercial Bank of China, Exim Bank of China, Chinese Top 500 Fortune Companies etc.) & the Russian Federation (Vnesheconombank, VTB Bank, Sberbank of Russia, Gazprombank, Russian Top Corporations etc.);
2. The Russian delegation will be represented by top level representatives from national development corporations, regional investment agencies, regional development corporations, PPP state centers & biggest business companies.

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